Industrial air dehumidification

Refrigerative dehumidifiers are most effective at high ambient temperatures and high humidity. Desiccant dehumidifiers are custom-manufactured with an internal silica-gel wheel. This wheel simultaneously absorbs water vapor in one section of the wheel, while the silicate is being regenerated (dewatered) in another section.

  • Manufacturing and construction, for reducing the drying time of wet concrete, speeding up painting and coating operations, or minimizing corrosion
  • Process applications, such as stabilizing or preserving food products
  • Restoration of buildings and manufacturing facilities after flood damage.

Moisture Control Solutions

  • Developing stable environments for exposed metal to prevent corrosion
  • Reducing drying times at construction sites for concrete, insulation, and fireproofing
  • Blanketing equipment to protect from highly humid air
  • Drying out water-damaged buildings, eliminating the need to replace and reconstruct.